Support Group for
Spouses and Family Members

Is your spouse or family member a breast cancer patient or survivor?  Do you keep your questions, concerns or fears to yourself?  Have you wished there were others you could talk with who have been in your shoes?  Please join us for our monthly support group facilitated by the husband of a breast cancer survivor.

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Bosom Buddy Network

Too often these days the world seems a very impersonal place. It is a world filled with message boards and chat rooms and social media sites.But there are times when what is really needed is a person to talk to, to connect with. It could simply be a voice on the other end of the phone that understands where you are coming from for they have been there too.Through our Bosom Buddy Network you can get that personal touch at a time when something so simple as human interaction is all that is needed to make a difference.

Oftentimes when you receive the diagnosis you become completely consumed with finding out everything you can about breast cancer itself, the treatment, and what comes after. The questions you have seem never-ending yet finding answers is not always easy, especially when what you are looking for is information on the actual experience itself; the type of information that your doctor cannot provide you.

Talking with someone who has been through the diagnosis, the treatment, and come out the other side a survivor may help you to gain insight into the myriad emotions you may be experiencing; the stress, anxiety, fear, frustration, depression and anger.

By the same token children, spouses, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren and friends also have questions and concerns during this time of uncertainty and change. They sometimes will not share their fear or anxiety as they don't want to add to what you are already going through.They too can find support through the Bosom Buddy Network from those that have gone through the same experience.

Through's Bosom Buddy Network you can connect one-on-one with one of our volunteers.
If you would like more information on the Bosom Buddy Network, or are interested in being matched with one of the volunteer members please send an email to or call 508-304-3463.

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